An Apparently Messianic Artist Statement in a World Where Acknowledging That You Know That You Are Doing Something That isn't Really All That Acceptable Makes You More Accepted Because People Think They Are Connected to Their Thoughts So Pointing Out That You Think Something Similar to Them Makes Them Feel Connected to You

By: Bobby Anspach


One time I saw the most beautiful world in the world inside my head. I told my brother to paint it. But he could only see the world inside of his head. So he didn't know what I was talking about. 

Then I traveled from one end of the universe to the other (it is shaped like a parabola).

I found out how to let go of words and become part of everything. But when the words came back there was something urgent that needed to be said. Because we are destroying the world. Which is needed in order to see the beautiful world in the back of your head.

So I decided I would make a giant painting to save to world from eating itself. I think it would have had like two p.o.v. paintings that are connected to each other and they would have been holding knives towards each other’s eyes while maybe holding each others genitalia or something, and it would have been instructions on how to see that when you hold onto beauty or run from fear you forget that you are part of everything and the world loses its color and it’s really uncomfortable and it’s what we have all been doing for the longest time.

I imagined that this would happen just before the world blows itself up which would cause a chain reaction and space-time would begin to collapse because the U.S. has so many bombs and everything is connected and string theory and stuff- at which point I would fly into space with my friend, stop off to get the universe starting seed from the good aliens, then telepathically communicate with my friend (via the face) and decide that I must continue on without my friend to restart the whole thing (even though we both knew the terrible amount of suffering that would come with starting the whole thing over again (being that we now knew that we were everything and everyone that had ever existed and would soon be once again (but we knew that it was worth it because finding out its all a dream and other people are real is pretty much the most beautiful thing that could ever happen (not to mention that there is only one moment or something so the suffering is sort of not real (but yes, I know, it sort of is which is why I made the painting in the first place))))). 

Then I let go of the whole thing. And I wasn't Jesus anymore.

Then God (or maybe a demon) told me to cut my eye out. 

Then I ran away. But you can’t really run away from God (oh, and yeah, no God in the art world I think (see title))

Then I chased God. (but you can’t chase God because God is everything and chasing God means something other than what is here).

Then I apologized to God for not cutting my eye out and solving the mystery of the universe.

And now I am going to make the most beautiful sculpture in the world.